Welcome to The Olympia Studio!

The Olympia Studio offers music lessons including saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar, bass, piano, vocal lessons (singing), and we even have summer music composition instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced student musicians.

Whether you are dusting off your instrument, trying to refine your performance skills, or learning how to write music, the studio is for people of all types and ages! There is little we can't teach. Jazz, rock, blues, classical, improvisation, and we even have Music with TLC program for babies and young children up to 7 years old.

Our monthly interactive music lab classes focus on theory, ear training, scales, cadences, and rhythm, these classes are designed to supplement your private music classes, so you have more time working on performance, technique, and sight reading with your teacher in your weekly private music classes!

In our higher education programs, we sculpt our curriculum to suite you best. We don't want to show how to play music, we want to educate you how to become a musician!


Come visit us in our beautiful new location!
2401 Bristol Ct SW #Suite C-102
Olympia, Washington 98501