Music Laboratory Learning Center

Music Lab Learning Center

Welcome to our
Music Lab Learning Center!

We are here to help you understand music! We are offering one-on-one assistance, with a person, in our music lab. In addition to our in-house help, we also have computer lab tools with some of the best music supplemental software suites music education has to offer.

When you visit our lab, we always have an on-board assistant that can help you every step of the way. You never have to struggle through confusing computer programs alone, nor will you ever have to fumble through music theory without assistance. We are always here to help because we want you to have a great musical experience!

If you are into music
you have to come see what we have to offer!

Sight Reading
Ear Training
Music Theory
Rhythm Training
Advance Placement Courses
From Beginners to Advance Musicians

Music Beginners!
You can also use the Music Lab as an inexpensive outlet for those who want to learn general music. We can teach simple ways using our tools to:
- train your ears to hear note pitches
- understand begining music theory
- practice simple rhythms
- begin to read music!
- use the lab to see if music is for you!

Intermediate to Advanced Musicians!
For Choir, Band, and Orchestra - The Music Lab is also for accomplished musicians. If you are in choir, band, or orchestra, you can use this to work on scales, theory, and pitch training. We can even help you memorize your Major scales and relative minors.

Write Music! - Even if you are an accomplished musician, you can take advantage of our Finale Composition software program to write your own professional printed music.

Piano Practice - Our lab is equipped with full size weighted keyboards! You can even use our studio for practicing piano if you do not have a piano at home.